Cooking with the BoatiesFryPan

When designing the pan, we were strictly thinking of the practical shape in terms of limited space and recreational stove shapes. We did not realise the advantages of cooking in a rectangular shape until we tried them. Because most items cooked in a frying pan are not round, the Boaties Fry Pan accommodates a lot of food better than a round pan. Using a rounded corner to pouring hot liquids is safer and more accurate as well.




Are a nice rectangular shape which allows the filling to be sealed in like an envelope. The vertical sides of the pan give the omelette a good thick edge. It is ideal for sushi omelettes too.

Sausages, bacon chops etc

More sausages fit in the rectangular shape, roll up and down at a touch, stay straight and easily exit over the end. Chops, bacon and hamburgers etc all fit snugly and cook more efficiently.


It's so easy to spread the batter. Tilt the pan and pour the batter along the top edge, it will quickly and smoothly coat the pan base. The pancake's shape makes tossing a doddle. Just shake it up the sloping edge, toss and it falls neatly back into the pan. The pancake's rectangular shape makes it easier to fill and roll up for serving.


By slightly holding the handle up the spread of the white of eggs can be controlled. If two or more eggs are cooked they can be divided creating square eggs that fit slices of toast perfectly!



Fillets are long and fit side by side in the pan more easily. The deep sides allow sauces to be made in the pan without the risk of spillage.  Try gurnard fillets with lemon, #F5A300 and olives - delicious!


Other Dishes

The deeper sides make the pan perfect for shellfish and seafood, bolognese and curries. For vegetarians, it is great for ratatouille. It's ideal also for heating ready meals.



The ovenproof handle allows the pan to be used for baking those much craved treats such as chocolate brownies and flapjacks.




Ideal for cooking asparagus too. When done, just drain, add butter and serve straight from the pan.

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